Trash Hauling & Other Services

Rapid Roll Off & Disposal Services provides specialty trash hauling services for customers in the Los Angeles area. We make deliveries of construction materials such as base, sand, dirt, gravel. mulch and wood chips. We haul away, dump and reinstall your company trash compactor bins. We offer stand-by trash hauling for customers who are ready to load their containers and require immediate hauling.


We deliver base, sand, dirt, gravel, rock, stone, mulch, wood chips and other materials.


Have your company compactor bins dumped and reinstalled by us!

Wash Out Bins

We will dump and return your washout bins and tank containers.

Private Trash Containers

We will dump and return your own trash containers.

Stand By Services

Have material ready to load? We will place a trash container and stand by while you load it. There is no quicker way to remove debris from your home or business.

Clean Trash Containers

We always deliver clean containers that are free of graffiti.

We provide trash dumpsters throughout Los Angeles and Orange County.

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